Lir Executive Chauffeur VIP Meet and Greet Service Dublin Airport

VIP meet and greet service Dublin Airport

Lir Executive Chauffeur Service is excited to offer our distinguished VIP Meet & Greet Services at Dublin Airport, tailored specifically for Conference Delegates, VIPs, and Event Organizers in Ireland.

Understanding the unique needs of our VIP clientele, we are dedicated to delivering an unmatched level of service, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience for you and your esteemed guests.

Upon arriving at Dublin Airport, your VIP Guests can look forward to:

  1. Personal Chaperone Service: From the moment of landing, our guests are welcomed in the baggage hall by a dedicated chaperone, ensuring a smooth journey through the airport.
  2. Baggage Assistance: Our chaperone will inform you about your baggage carousel details, guide you to essential services like restrooms, currency exchange, etc., and provide help with baggage trolleys as needed.
  3. Guided Escort to Arrival Hall: Delegates are accompanied to the Arrival Hall where your appointed guide or liaison officer awaits.
  4. Multilingual Support: On request, we offer multilingual service to cater to our international guests.
  5. Seamless Coordination: We maintain constant communication with your guides or liaison officers to swiftly resolve any baggage or related issues, ensuring timely departures for coaches and chauffeur-driven vehicles.

For your VIP Guests departing from Dublin Airport:

  • Personalized Coordination: We synchronize with your driver or chauffeur upon arrival at the VIP Coach/Car Park, providing ample trolleys for luggage assistance.
  • Luggage Handling and Terminal Guidance: Our team assists with luggage organization and directs delegates to the departures terminal at Dublin Airport.
  • Check-In and Security Assistance: We escort each guest to the correct check-in desk and guide them through the ‘security express channel’ to bypass long queues, leading directly to aircraft boarding or VIP lounges.
  • VAT Refund and Gate Escort: Assistance is provided for accessing the VAT refund shop, and delegates are escorted to their respective gates.

Please note, availability of our VIP Meet & Greet Service is contingent on pre-booking and is subject to availability.

For more detailed information and to ensure a remarkable travel experience through Dublin Airport, please contact Lir Executive Chauffeur Service regarding our VIP Meet & Greet Service.

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