Announcing a New Milestone for Alan McLoughlin and Lir Executive Chauffeur Service

We are thrilled to announce that Alan McLoughlin,  CEO of Lir Executive Chauffeur Service, has been officially inducted as a member of the International Association of Close Protection Professionals (IACPP). This achievement not only highlights Alan’s dedication to excellence but also reflects his remarkable journey, which includes distinguished military service in the Irish Defence Forces. His recent accomplishment stems from completing a rigorous and comprehensive program required for IACPP membership, a testament to his commitment to providing unparalleled security and protection services.

The IACPP is renowned for its intensive training program, designed to equip its members with advanced skills in risk assessment, security planning, emergency response, and high-level protective services. This training, essential for those who safeguard high-profile individuals, demands a high degree of physical fitness, strategic thinking, and unwavering professionalism. As a member, Alan has mastered these skills, demonstrating his capacity to handle complex security challenges with astute precision and discretion.

Lir Executive Chauffeur Service, under Alan’s leadership, stands out for its unique blend of personnel, many of whom have backgrounds in both police and military services. This rich tapestry of experience allows Lir to offer a caliber of close protection chauffeur services that is truly second to none. Their chauffeurs are not just expert drivers; they are highly trained security professionals capable of providing comprehensive protection to VIPs. This includes everything from evasive driving to immediate response in crisis situations, ensuring the utmost safety and privacy for their distinguished clients.

We congratulate Alan McLoughlin on this significant achievement and look forward to Lir Executive Chauffeur Service’s continued excellence in offering top-tier, secure transportation solutions.

ISTI badge